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a blog image for the Keen blog that features a large fox on a grassy hill

Keen Keen wanted her to, and he was a clever pup.Not really a pup anymore. Skinny glanced down at his large red furry head nestled

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Featured image for a blog post about the character Skinny with a forest scene with trees and sunlight peaking through

Her attention to the land and the continent as a whole makes her an excellent outside guide to it. Nickname: Ronin, Skinny. Age as of

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Changebearer. Major Deity of Kairas

I will remake this world however I see fit, in great and small ways. Mortals may plead for constancy, but transformation is the only true

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Wild. Major Deity of Kairas

Mortals craft such order and restraint for themselves – I simply must come along and stir things up now and then! What fun is there

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Curious Muse. Major Deity of Kairas

May you be forever inquisitive in nature. ~ typical Muse worshipper saying Name: Curious Muse, Moraa (a.k.a My Muse) Divine Domains: Enlightenment, Liberation, Magic. Holy

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Night Bringer. Major Deity of Kairas

I don’t follow. Do you? ~Night Bringer Name: Alifa (a.k.a Reverie), Night Bringer Divine Domains: Night, Moon, Stars, Dreams, Nightmares Holy Books & Codes: Consteller’s Star

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Bright Justice. Major Deity of Kairas

How may the light shine your way to day? ~Typical greeting from Priests of Bright Name: Bright Justice, Aeonian Divine Domains: Sun, Law, Order, Justice.  Holy Books

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Knowing Messenger. Minor Deity of Kairas

Just because we can see the future does not mean our hands are tied. In fact, they are better guided than ever to set a

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