It Rocks: Hex11

At only three issues published so far, Hex11 rocks my socks. Written by Kelly Sue Milano, Hex11 features a young witch named Elanor Kent who is the apprentice and assistant to Vera, an extremely powerful (and mischievous it seems) witch in the Hex, the “urban underworld” where they live. Elanor dutifully follows Vera’s orders that often lead to […]

It Rocks: Kickstart Realmsic

I’ve made no bones about supporting The Realmsic Conquest trilogy series. I think The Hero of Legend is a great story. I am way excited about the next two books, The Icon of Earth (2015) and The Darkfire Prophecy (2016). The author, Demethius Jackson, has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund the promotion of The […]

It Rocks: Virtual Table Top

Play your favorite pen and paper games in Virtual Table Top! Virtual Table Top is a visual aid for pen and paper gamers to create visually captivating campaigns in a networked 3D environment. They are now throwing a Kickstarter campaign with amazing exclusive rewards like Beta Access! And who doesn’t love getting in on the ground […]

It Rocks: State of DisUnion

State of DisUnion is a newly launched webcomic from the seriously talented Kathryn Crenshaw. Another Dallas Comic Con find–score one for my geek shopping skills! State of DisUnion is a humourous webcomic that portrays the 50 United States as people who have complex and distinct personality traits. The webcomic is filled with U.S. and political history, as well as current events! It’s a […]

It Rocks: Dragon Slayer – Devin Kraft

It takes a man to kill a dragon. What does it take to kill the Dragon Slayer?   I met Devin at a local event late last year and was immediately drawn to his art. After buying a couple of pieces (Sherlock and Doctor Who, who could say no?) I also picked up a limited edition […]

SNL: Hobbit Office

THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD   Watch Saturday Night Live: Hobbit Office | Hulu Plus.

It Rocks: Ordinary Batman

I can’t even with these. Absolutely fun and amazing. I came across Sarah’s Ordinary Batman gifs when looking for comic book art. This has to be my absolute favorite. Check them out! Sure to brighten up any day and give you a giggle. Art of Sarah J • Posts Tagged ‘OrdinaryBatman’.

It Rocks: Surprise! You’re Reading

I stumbled upon this via a Facebook rabbit hole into a Reddit rabbit hole. I read the writing prompt and was literally going to give it 5 seconds of my life. Somehow I read the entire short story in 10 minutes and was pretty entertained by the crazy of it all. Read the writing prompt […]