It Rocks: My Wife Hates Time Travel – Adam-Troy Castro

My Wife Hates Time Travel is a brilliant short story of the complex humor that can go along with being in a marriage. Normal everyday fights can sometimes have drastic and unintentional consequences. Particularly when your partner creates time travel, and just won’t own up to it, well what can you do? My Wife Hates Time Travel – […]

‘Doctor Who’/’Sherlock’ musical!

I’m just not sure how this still isn’t the best thing on the internet for life, but it is for me everyday. The internet has been won over and over with this.

It Rocks: Manfeels Park

I find THOUSANDS of things I love on the internet. I mean…how can you possibly not? Sometimes I believe there is no need to review or explain, just share. Thus “It Rocks” has been born. Manfeels Park  Manfeels Park takes the real commentary from men around the Internet and puts these conversations into classic Jane […]

Power Nap: Webcomic

Power Nap is a great online graphic novel about a man who literally has to sleep. Set in a world where sleeping is for chumps it’s got weirdness, sexy monster, and lucid dreams that can kill you. While the updates aren’t as continual as some comics they are trying to get on a more consistent […]