Doctor Who S8E1 Deep Breath – Who and You

I fell in love with Doctor Who with a bit of Matt Smith, a lot of Eccleston, ravished by Tennant and then back to Smith again. I am a fan girl with the best of them. My head is full of incredibly needed trivia about Nu Who and I have even started to delve into some old Who during the summers where I can’t get any Nu Who fix. So with Peter Capaldi at the helm I was more than a bit anxious but he whole heartily won me over.

Review: Hero of Legend: Realmsic Conquest

I love what I call “Knight Fantasy”. Epic, imaginably complicated attractive men and magic. It’s the top third category of my favorite shiz to read. I received a preview copy of The Hero of Legend (2nd edition) and was told there was magic and armies battling to the death. I assumed they were hot so obviously I read […]

Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman

What is there that can be possibly be said about someone as delightful and audacious as Neil Gaiman? I had the pleasure of listening to the Audible version of Neverwhere voiced by Neil himself. He did an amazing job voicing the characters, their rhythms and personality distinct intriguing. I have always loved Stardust and was […]

Review: Captain America: Sexy Forever

!Spoilers! I thoroughly enjoyed Captain America: Winter Soldier. It starts off as high impact as Captain America: The First Avenger started off slow. Nick Fury and Black Widow played much bigger roles in this second edition than they did in the Avengers by far and it was excellent to get the additional screen time with them. The story, […]

Review: Soulless

Alexia Tarabotti is the kind of girl I would love to do lunch with and on occasion a sleepover. While she is the black sheep of her family and a little too plump for her own tastes she has a kind heart and a quick wit that will endear her to any reader. PLUS she’s a […]

Almost Human – Save Thee

After having watched the entire season of Almost Human I can say with 90% certainty this show will probably be canceled on Fox. And that it’s a crying shame. Almost Human is a great buddy cop romp, one an android and the other an emotional human. Set in the year 2048 it shows how science […]

Review: The Girl Who Would Be King

Written by Kelly Thompson, this book got such amazing reviews on io9 that I have been dying to check it out. It’s a short read which is nice and took about 5 hours. I’m ambivalent about it. The premise is great and the mythology behind it intriguing, but I feel like the author just threw any […]