Doctor Who S8E9 – Doctor Clara

YES: Watching the Doctor squeeze out of a half-size Tardis might be the highlight of my entire week. I am totally fine with that too. Side note: that’s the perfect size to fit into my apt, just saying Doctor. YES: Oh goodness he squeezes himself back in. Squee! YES: I do believe someone has stolen […]

Doctor Who S8E8 – The Last Hurrah

Favorite Lines: Mystery shopper.. That’s your worst… Okay, I’m a mystery shopper. I could do with an extra pillow and I’m very disappointed with your breakfast bar and… all the dying. YES: I love the doctor’s rag-tag team on this train. YES: Well, I seriously did not expect that twist. So some big guy is behind this and […]

Doctor Who S8E7 – Cry Baby

Man, I am BEHIND in life this week. Heading out for a quick trip this week to Florida and getting ready for Dallas Fan Days Comic Con next weekend has left me a little crazy. Also, I have been cheating on Doctor Who with Gotham (shocker!) and Gilmore Girls (not shocked at all) but on […]

Doctor Who S8E6 – Hello Mr. Pink

YES: I’m actually excited! And nothing in the first 5 minutes made me want to bash my screen in! Yay, Doctor Who. YES: I think the beginning montage was just short enough to be funny and intriguing. I just keep imaging the time 10 and Rose had to help out in that one weird school, but […]

Doctor Who S8E5 – Waste of Time

Due to my weeklong binge of Avatar (omg omg omg, how did I not watch that cartoon years ago?) I watched DW a bit later than normal. Not to be completely cranky, but man this episode was a waste of time. Time Heist is so far my least favorite episode of the Season. Now, being that […]

Doctor Who S8E4 – Listen to Me Get Scared

I’m already scared to watch this episode. The previews have been creeping me out all week! EH: Really Clara? You go on a first date with someone and mention how you believe they’d actually shoot a kid because they had to shoot someone while enlisted. You are a SUPER catch. Poor bloke never stood a […]

American Gods: Better with TV?

I read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods last year and loved the beginning character development. The story of Shadow and his compatriots (and enemies) was exciting to me and I liked being able to pick out the obvious literary and mythical references as well as the nuances of fitting them in a modern day story. However, […]

Doctor Who S8E3 – The Doctor Duels

Let’s do this. I am reviewing things a little differently in that I like to write my thoughts as I watch. It’s just more sporadic that way! So far I find this episode incredibly outrageous. Doctor Who doesn’t visit fictional characters. This isn’t Jasper FForde and we can’t just hop into books willy nilly. So when […]