GSMC Book Review Podcast Interview

GSMC Book Review Podcast Interview I had a great conversation with Sarah Meckler on her podcast GSMC Book Review. We talked about writing, fantasy, and Tools of a Thief! Of course, I managed to get in a little discussion about d&d and nerding out because when do I not? Check it out! GSMC Book Review […]

Review: Hero of Legend: Realmsic Conquest

I love what I call “Knight Fantasy”. Epic, imaginably complicated attractive men and magic. It’s the top third category of my favorite shiz to read. I received a preview copy of The Hero of Legend (2nd edition) and was told there was magic and armies battling to the death. I assumed they were hot so obviously I read […]

Review: Soulless

Alexia Tarabotti is the kind of girl I would love to do lunch with and on occasion a sleepover. While she is the black sheep of her family and a little too plump for her own tastes she has a kind heart and a quick wit that will endear her to any reader. PLUS she’s a […]

Don’t Panic

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game. sigh. I can’t stop playing it long enough to blog about it…I have to stop dying! Check it out here. I didn’t even know it existed!

Quick View: How to be a Woman

This turned out to be a great read. Caitlin Moran is slightly brilliant in a scary, I would totally forget to say words if I met her, kind of way. How to Be a Woman was everything I never knew I needed and I loved it tremendously. I have never highlighted so many passages in […]

holy sh*t batman – Android Wear

As if it’s any surprise the new Android Wear demoed recently completely blows me away. You can check it out in action at one of my favorite blogs Droid Life. Android has come a long way from the original Sidekick phones. Remember those? They were all that was cool and happening, at least in my […]

The Sword in the Stone

I recently read this delightful book when looking for something to listen to while at work. I don’t know why I keep doing that as I get distracted when it’s a new book and I end up just using it for workouts.* Anyhow, I don’t remember this being so funny from my childhood reading! I […]