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Cobbles: Page of Earth in the Elemental Chapter

Dear skimmers, Cobbles rocks! Literally. Visitors must come prepared for small spaces and much digging. Those who dislike enclosed areas are best off skipping this page. ~ Fiona Thorne

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Cobbles, page of earth, contains gnomes and other earth elementals

Alternative Name(s)

Sod (interjection) Used by non-denizens; insult – used by some turners. “Sod it, I’m not turning the page there“. 

Note: Sod (proper noun) is also the language of the page.

The realm of solid matter, Cobbles is naught but an endless expanse of unyielding stone and pure earth. Though it is quite stuffed with mineral riches, their true value is in the eye of the beholder, often an earth elemental or rock worm.  

Although Cobbles is mainly gray rock as far as the eye can see, it does still have its surprises. Every manner of stone can be found here and there are rich veins of metal.

Denizens of Cobbles and rock enthusiasts alike regard the Page of Earth as one step removed from paradise. For those who enjoy having space to move around and dislike the constant oppressive weight of potentially being crushed, Cobbles is not the most comfortable of destinations.

Realms of Cobbles Page

Bipbipblurg – the gnome city closest to the pagemark of the Travel Guild. The entrance to Bipbipblurg is a massive wall of soft rock full of oval openings. Each opening leads to a tunnel of packed soil tall enough for a gnome to traverse. An unprepared and larger individual may find travel more difficult.

Earth Folks, Beasts, and Monsters

Usually hairless with pinkish-red or purple skin, gnomes tend to have pupilless eyes, wide bulbous noses, and toothless mouths.

Fairly common in Cobbles. Mostly harmless as well as long as you don’t have any gems, paper, dirt, or earth on you. Mind your bags.

Read the Lore

Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.


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