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Shimmering Depths: Page of Water in the Elemental Chapter

Dear Skimmers, do not enter the Page of Water if you cannot swim! Or if you dislike the strange sensation of not knowing up from down. It never goes away.

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Shimmering Depths, Page of Water, contains mermaids and other water elementals

Alternative Name(s)

Blue Abyss

Inky Depths

An endless mass of water, the Page of Water is temperate and utterly free from the crushing pressure found in the deep water of other Pages. But beware the currents! The natural blue-green glow of this page is well-suited for water creatures and those that thrive in sunlight. Those who cannot naturally survive without air should make a stop by an alchemist to acquire a reliable breathing apparatus for their visit.

Realms of the Shimmering Depths Page

A large floating island town, Bricia resembles a mass of dangling roots, twisting vines, and algae. Schools of fish travel the nooks and crannies using this as a home.


 A massive reef, the Waterfall Palace is made from white and purple shells, orange coral, and green anemones. Pearlescent shells make up a majority of its interiors. Getting a night’s stay here costs quite a bit of paper but the view is truly spectacular. Safely accessible by turning the page from Mistral, Page of Air, or The Court of Copper.

Water Folks, Beasts and Monsters

Graceful in the water, mermaids tend to be curvaceous with a pearlescent tail, kelp-like hair, and pale lilac skin.


Read the Lore

Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.


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