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Fiona Thorne’s Renaissance Inspired Style of Dress

The Planar Pages series is set in a world of realms with many Renaissance inspired elements! The clothing and style are some of my favorite things to be creative with for each of my characters. Protagonist, Fiona Thorne, embraces the striking fashion of the era with the experienced approach of someone often in mixed company. Someone who crawls through windows on a daily basis and is known to find herself in a fire pit or two!

With her velvet doublet (the rich eggplant one is her favorite) and bright forest green wool stockings, Fiona hallmarks the era in her everyday attire. Most page turners typically carry bandoliers of vials for breathing in the various elemental pages. As one can’t be quite sure when one needs to escape to the water page! Fiona instead goes for the decorative touch of a multi-pocketed scarf. It holds many secrets, but those are for her to tell!

There are many aspects of Renaissance fashion littered throughout the series. From the billowing sleeves of prominent fae creatures to the embroidered trim of the more prosperous humans. Although I don’t only use the Renaissance era as inspiration for The Planar Pages, it’s the one I had the most fun detailing when drafting book 1 and book 2! Check out some of Pinterest inspo below!

Fiona Thorne Splash Art by Ebony Bodenbender. Check out more of her illustrations!


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