The Planar Pages Glossary & More

Art of the planar pages main characters
Soots, Fiona, Dodger, and Gaili by Ebony Bodenbender

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Seven Known Pages

Planar Pages Logo Blaze
Blaze: page of fire, contains salamanders, flarions, ragnis, and other fire elementals
Planar Pages Logo Depths
Shimmering Depths, page of water, contains water elementals
Planar Pages Logo Mistral
Mistral, page of air, contains sylphs and other air elementals
Planar Pages Logo Cobbles
Cobbles, page of earth, contains gnomes and other earth elementals
Planar Pages Logo Rise
Restless Rise, mortal page of human
Planar Pages Logo Kerus
Kerus, mortal page of smilodon, elephas, and ursidon
Planar Pages Logo Court
Court of Copper, page of faekin: pixies, fae, fauns, centaurs, and nymphs


Aer: language from page of air, Mistral

the Binder: leader of the Guild

the Book of Larrakane (the Book): all the known pages of the universe

bookmark: token from a page, used to travel there by a page turner

the Card: a free leaflet by the Travel Guild

the Church of Larrakane: organization devoted to worship of Larrakane

Claire: a language from page of fire, Blaze

Depth’s Door: a lake in Spine

diamonnette paper (paper): universal currency

elephas: like elephants standing on their hind legs, from Kerus

faekin: fauns, fae, pixies, centaurs, nymphs all from the Court of Copper

Fallen Bubble: a cocktail

flarion(s): fire elementals who live in pools of magma from page of fire, Blaze

the Followers: a subset of the Church of Larrakane

format: slang for rumor

the Gilded: six leaders in the Travel Guild, including the Binder

the Hinge: Travel Guild headquarters

iococom: material used in apothecary

jacket(s): slang for officers of the Guild

kora: fish with an oily excretion from page of water, Depths

Larrakane (she/her): bestows the ability to turn pages and creator of the Book

La’mior: a fire forest in Blaze

pagemark(s): safe places where turners can move between pages

page turners (turners): people who can move between pages

Pestles and Mortar: smithy in the Spine

pulp: slang for creatures from various pages who are not page turners

ragnis: metallic-boned quasi-flame creatures from page of fire, Blaze

ripper(s): slang for thieves and smugglers across pages

Schiflan: a language spoken from page of humans, Restless Rise

skimmer(s): slang for tourists visiting other pages

skips: slang for criminals on the run

smilodon(s): catlike people, from Kerus

Sod: language from page of earth, Cobbles

sylph: stark white air creatures from page of air, Mistral

the Travel Guild, the Guild: organization that regulates all the comings and goings of page turners in the Book

unread turner: slang for someone new to being a page turner

ursidon: bearlike people, from Kerus