Geeky Confessions

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of geeky confessions around the blogosphere and they’ve been super fun and intriguing to read! Started by Mariko, of Gamer Wife, the confessions are nice examples of how all geeks are not the same, but can support each other despite differences! Let’s be real. Geeky, nerdy, and dorky are just a few different adjectives for the same kick […]

Calling It – Comic Con

Dear God. I had high hopes for my first Comic Con to vend at. High hopes of talking to tons of people, blogging and tweeting, and promoting not only my friend’s booth, but this website as well, The VC. I. Was. Insane. While I do believe we choose a great con to start at, not too […]

Dallas Comic Con

I was going to make a long fun post about DCC but honestly life happened. Enjoy the pics! I can’t wait for next year.