March Madness 2015 Best Fiction Book: Round 1 Day 4

The Gone-Away World vs Poisonwood Bible [polldaddy poll=8743801] The Dovekeepers vs Time Traveler’s Wife [polldaddy poll=8743803] Pride and Prejudice vs Stardust [polldaddy poll=8743805] The Great Gatsby vs The Name of the Wind [polldaddy poll=8743807]

Characters in Movies Who Make It Out Okay: Stardust

It’s baaaaaccckkkk. This time to discuss the wonderful life of a poor idiot farm boy Bernard from Stardust. Poor Bernard. Out of literally the dozens of cannon fodder in the movie Stardust; guards, unicorns, and squawking shopkeepers, somehow farm boy makes it out okay! While you can argue he is settled better for his mishaps in […]