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Bright Justice. Major Deity of Kairas

Bright Justice, Major Deity of Kairas

Bright Justice, Major Deity of Kairas from the book series A Series of Decisions on Kairas by D. Hale Rambo

How may the light shine your way to day~Typical greeting from Priests of Bright

Name: Bright Justice, Aeonian

Divine Domains: Sun, Law, Order, Justice. 

Holy Books & Codes: The Codex Of The Sentinel, the book in which laws are written and enforced

Divine Symbols & Sigils: Square with an arrow or a shining scimitar.


Devine Goals and Aspirations: To keep the land and its people in a balanced order.

Physical description: They presented themselves at exactly 6ft and 165 lbs. Their dark skin was flawless, their hair coiled to perfection, and their robes the exact length to grace the floor but never drag.

Apparel & Accessories: A long deep yellow cloak with black trim. Black soft pants and a deep blue tunic.

Pets: A pure black horse. Name unknown. Flame and smoke were all people saw of the creature but it was said the Bright Justice loved him more than any one else. 

Bright Justice had a heavy hand in the laws that governed the entire continent but in their domain that hand could be smothering. They ruled the sky and the land equally and through them the sun set and rose on its exact schedule every day.
They were considered ruthless by some and considerate by others. They weighed all sides of an argument, request, or ask and made the best judgement that they could. It seems to them that was true justice. It was true law.

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