D. Hale Rambo

Laysa, of the Tall Wheat

Laysa nodded slowly and left the room, closing the door softly behind her. Standing in the darkened corridor, she pressed her hand to her heart, its thumping loud to her ears. The power to achieve what she wanted was in her hands now. She just needed to practice and perfect, that was all. A caster like the Holy Speaker thought she was capable. That was all that really mattered.

Nickname: N/A

Age as at 1142 AS: 59

Height: 3′ 2″

Hair Color: Black/Brown

Family: Parents: Father (deceased) and Mother, Baya (estranged); Girlfriend, Zizy Zaker

Belief: The Farmer

Motive: To be worthy enough to wield divine power

Favorite Pastime: Reading

Preferred Reading: Obscure texts regarding deities, cookery books

Dream Vacation: Seeking adventure through books

What Brings Her Joy: Using knowledge to help others

An only child, Laysa spent her childhood and youth in Aishirah learning to craft interesting recipes with her father, a baker. From her diviner mother, Laysa learned to read and write but, not being blessed with direct access to divine powers, was unable to become a diviner.

After her father’s passing, Laysa temporarily took on the family bakery, a highly regarded role amongst Southern Brix. It is thought that her perceived failure to live up to her mother’s legacy alongside the desire to make a name for herself eventually led to Laysa leaving Aishirah in the pursuit of knowledge.

Laysa gained employment as a caretaker in the Archives. It is uncertain if her own abilities, her family name, or a mixture of both made this career change possible. Surrounded by knowledge, her eagerness to learn can often seem intense and all-consuming*.

Laysa strongly believes in doing good to others and in being useful, something she is able to practice daily with her girlfriend, Zizy.

Adept at recognizing deity symbols and ingredients for a good meal, Laysa constantly strives to improve her other abilities. Her strength can become her weakness, however, as the promise of information or knowledge can distract Laysa from the task at hand.

Recorded on 1142 by: Scholar Carmela

*Private Note: As if, by the intensity of her study, she would command the attention of the deities themselves. Such lofty yet impressive aspirations for one so young! – SC

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