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Night Bringer. Major Deity of Kairas

Night Bringer, Major Deity of Kairas

Night Bringer, Major Deity of Kairas from the book series A Series of Decisions on Kairas by D. Hale Rambo

I don’t follow. Do you? ~Night Bringer

Name: Alifa (a.k.a Reverie), Night Bringer

Divine Domains: Night, Moon, Stars, Dreams, Nightmares

Holy Books & Codes: Consteller’s Star Map, Night Log

Divine Symbols & Sigils: Visage of an owl.


The Full Night – Dream the 8th – 24 hours of perpetual night for the entire land.

Motivation: To protect those who dream and to prevent nightmares from escaping.

Physical description: Tawny beige skin is freckled with brown spots. Hair the color of a deep blue. It changes depending on their mood but, not often.

Apparel & Accessories: They often wrapped themselves in night, dark colors, as the constellations they’ve created display on their skin. They wear a ring on one hand and don no visible weapons.

Pets: Giant owl named Vabo

They often present to everyone, everywhere, all at once through dreams and nightmares. Most people in the world knew exactly what the Night Bringer looked like because of this. They took their work seriously and tried to offer dreamscapes that were relevant or of some meaning to the dreamer. 

They ruled the night in a less strict manner than their sibling, Bright Justice. Sometimes the day and night clashed because of this differing structure. The moon and the stars are under the domain of Night Bringer. They often listened to ideas and thoughts from their worshippers on what should decorate the darkened sky.

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