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Restless Rise: Page of Humans

While I don't suggest this page for most skimmers I have to say I'm a bit biased. Being from Rise, sometimes I forget the wonder and beauty that is our floating home. But don't quote me on that.

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Restless Rise, mortal page of humans

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Much of the world is mundane except for the floating islands tethered to the mountainous flat plateau in the center of the world. The islands of land masses stay still but the rise shifts and rotates around it giving the page its name. Although most know it simply as Rise. 

It is unknown how the lands float or why the mountainous rise in the middle does not. But by the grace of Larrakane it has remained this way for thousands of years.

Considered a very mundane, and what some conceive as a lesser page, in The Book.

Areas of Restless Rise

Locally known as Schifland (or old Schiftland depending of your age) there are 15 county islands in the page as well as the central seat on The Plateau.

Though most people live on the central island a fair share of workers, farmers, and crafters live in the county islands.

The People of Restless Rise

In the Rise, page turners are seen akin to royalty and even those  in lower houses or among the lower populace were advanced into noblier society. Being a Turners was a gift that rippled out to others. And a curse to some who lost their place. 

Find out more about Restless Rise in book 3, PRESSED.


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