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Wild. Major Deity of Kairas

Wild, Major Deity of Kairas

Wild, Devine Deity from the book series, A Series of Decisions on Kairas by D. Hale Rambo

Mortals craft such order and restraint for themselves – I simply must come along and stir things up now and then! What fun is there without a bit of chaos? ~Wild

Name: Akra (a.k.a Wild)

Divine Domains: Rebellion, Punishment, Temptation.

Holy Books & Codes: 

Divine Symbols & Sigils:
Locked Box
Dragons Head

Related Myths Rosissa and the Lyre of Solitude

Physical description: Pink skin with cool, rose jeweled undertones. The color of sun setting after glow. Narrow gray eyes.

Apparel & Accessories: Their ash-grey clothes leave little to the imagination and they prefer nudity.

Special Abilities: They sometimes take the form of a wasp.

The prideful Wild shows little concern for the troubles of mere mortals, instead reveling in upending our careful plans with chaotic tricks and defiant disregard for rules. But only our rules. 

Laysa, Curator

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