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Curious Muse. Major Deity of Kairas

Curious Muse, Major Deity of Kairas

Curious Muse, Major Deity of Kairas from the book series, A Series of Decisions on Kairas by D. Hale Rambo

May you be forever inquisitive in nature. ~ typical Muse worshipper saying

Name: Curious Muse, Moraa (a.k.a My Muse)

Divine Domains: Enlightenment, Liberation, Magic.

Holy Book:

The Manual – No one has ever seen what is in these divine pages. It was on the Muse at all times. 

Divine Symbols & Sigils: A book with intricate swirl in the middle.

Tenets of Faith

  • Experimentation breeds invigoration and progress.
  • Delight does not come upon one by itself. 

Physical description: Fawn white skin, expressive eyebrows, and a hint of a smirk. Their deep brown hair tumbles in waves and curls.

Specialized Equipment: They often are armed with a bow and arrow or a staff of complex design. They always have a follower to hand them tools as they walk.

The Curious Muse seemed to be always tinkering with something. Often they were found with a bit of metal, string, or wood combining it in a fashion. They encourages their worshipers to experiment with the essence of the world around them, the hum of magic ever flowing on Kairas, and taught them how to tap into it. Many that worshipped The Curious Muse were the best magic users in the world.

Laysa, Curator

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