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Farmer. Minor Deity of Kairas

Farmer – Minor Deity of Kairas

Wild may dash the fruits of my fields, and Bright Justice may alter the skies above, but still I gently nurture the seeds of life. Without my caring touch, what bounties would we enjoy? ~Farmer

Name: Farmer, Bota

Divine Domains: grain, wine, agriculture, fishery, coasts, harvest, growth, and nourishment

Divine Symbols & Sigils:
A spade thrust in the ground.

Tenets of Faith: You reap what you sow.

Physical description: reddish-brown skin. Brown eyes and hair  color and length like stalks of wheat

Realm: Halls of Kaira.

Church: The Order of the Stone.

History: Orphaned with sibling Meliori, when they were young they made their way from somewhere in the east and were found by Endurance themselves.

Nicknames: Meliori’s for Bota is chicken coop.  Bota’s for Meliori is miss know-it-all.

Where the Changebearer radically altered the world, the humble Farmer embraced gradual change through careful cultivation, bringing sustenance and stability to mortals year after year via the balanced cycles of soil, seasons and stewardship. We owe a great loyalty to Farmer, not only for our way of life, but as a Brix, our very existence.

Laysa, Curator

Bota was a simple man who cared for the workers of the estate, farming, and the animals he loved. He was fond of wine and eating his fair share of every meal. And oh my could he eat. He loved his sister dearly and if pushed would fight to protect those he cared for with the fury of beast and land.

Noble Endurance

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