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Noble Endurance. Major Deity of Kairas

Noble Endurance – Major Deity of Kairas

Nobel Endurance a Major Deity of Kairas from the book series, A Series of Decisions on Kairas by D. Hale Rambo

Time can bend to our wills as long as it has not passed. If it has, you must tug it into place.


Name: Kerda,  Noble Endurance (a.k.a. formally Lady Endurance)

Divine Domains:Time, Past, Present, Future, The Land

Holy Books & Codes: The Catalogue

Divine Symbols & Sigils:
Clock face (11 pips)

Holidays: The Festival of Ages

Physical quirks: Kerda presents themselves as a short older female human (always human).

Apparel & Accessories: Their dress is made to be functional and can be worn in court or in the fields although they are never seen in the fields.

Pets: They amble among their highest worshipers with two corgis constantly at their side.

I’ve always felt drawn to Lady Endurance, known more commonly as Noble Endurance since her marriage to Noble Death. Her domain over the procession of time intrigues me endlessly. As an avid reader, I’m aware that books allow us to transcend time in a way – immersing in tales from the past or imagining future worlds. Noble Endurance celebrates humanity’s drive to grow in knowledge and create. Without scholars indexing the past, how could we measure our progress? The Great Library itself, overseen by Celestial librarians, is a monument to Endurance’s ideals.

During my scholarly pursuits in the city, Endurance’s iconography stands out to me frequently. The elaborate sundials and clock faces adorning certain buildings are unmistakable, the 11 pips radiating out from the center. I admire Noble Endurance’s meticulous and thoughtful nature in managing not just libraries and librarians, but time itself. Her partnerships with other deities who report back on events remind me of my own quest to uncover observations recorded in obscure texts. I hold deep respect for this deity who values devoted archivists as much as I do. Just as the texts I uncover reveal hidden facets of the pantheon’s history, Endurance understands that properly catalogued knowledge empowers future generations.

Laysa, Curator

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