Kerda Noble (a.k.a. formally Lady Endurance)

Divine Domains

Procession of Time, Present, Past, Future, Land

Holy Books & Codes

The Catalogue

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • Sundial
  • Clock face (11 pips)

Tenets of Faith

Time can bend to our wills as long as it has not past. If it has passed, you must tug it into place.



The Festival of Ages

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Encourage the world to grow in knowledge and to be part of creation itself and not to watch it pass them by.


Physical quirks

Kerda presents themselves as a short older female human (always human).

Apparel & Accessories

Their dress is made to be functional and can be worn in court or in the fields although they are never seen in the fields.


Contacts & Relations

Bota and Meliori keep Noble Endurance well aware of the ongoing happenings in the world and in the town. The celestials keep her updated with information that passes through the library.

Family Ties

Creator of Celestials


Kerda is a planner. Constantly watchful of other people and their motives but not mean or harassing. They reward those who do the work first before petitioning their court over matters in their province. Though they have a no-nonsense attitude about things they are very clear when they are proud of their worshipers, often celebrating their achievements publicly.

They amble among their highest worshipers with two corgis constantly at their side.


Hobbies & Pets

Important, careful, and selective.

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