D. Hale Rambo

Noble Death, Major Deity of Kairas

Noble Death Major Deity in the book series A Series of Decisions on Karias by D. Hale Rambo

Name: Ferous (a.k.a. Noble Death, Gentleman Death)

Divine Domains: Death, the Afterlife

Holy Books & Codes:

  • The Epilogues are a series of pages of writings by the followers of Noble Death.
  • The Appended is a private book the Noble Death keeps on him at all times. It is said to be slim, white, and often consulted.


Divine Symbols & Sigils:

A gray circle or just precise circle.

Church/Cult: Followers of the Spirits. 

Physical quirks: Ferous presents themselves as a pink skinned human. Their dark russet brown hair is tinged with grey and their eyes soft and kind.

Apparel & Accessories: Black formal attire of dressed simple robes.

Partner: Noble Endurance

Death is the welcoming comfort at the end of life in Kairas. Providing comfort in their soft-spoken manner in their appearance, they remain front and foremost in the people’s lives. The dutiful worshipers of Death are granted an everlasting view into the afterlife and what happens when you die. Death is not shrouded in darkness or mystery but transparency. To fear death in Kairas to be willfully ignorant of the followers, temples, and priests of Noble Death. Or, to have lived a life so wickedly, the fear is really of not making it to the Fields of Remembered  but into Veil of the Forgotten.

Laysa, Curator

Read the Lore

Want to dive deep into the setting and the lore? Come right in.

Death's Short Story

Read A Moment of Endurance in SONGS OF THE FORGOTTEN


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