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Pace, of the Solid Hand

Pace, of the Solid Hand

He was a kind soul and so quiet and serious. It’s a wonder they didn’t drive him batty that first day. Although he would never believe it, Laysa thought him about as stubborn as Zizy, just for different reasons.

Nickname: Pacester

Age as of 1142 AS: 46

Height: 3’ 5”

Hair Color: bald

Favorite Pastime: sharing stories and buttered biscuits with friends

Preferred Reading: myths and legends

Family: Parents: Older sister, Anya; Younger brother.

Belief: The Farmer

Motive: To help people, to do what is right

Dream Vacation: visiting the Dragon Roost mountain interior, invited of course

What Brings Him Joy: helping people

Born in the village of Womodeck, near the ever-encroaching ice growth of the southern region, Pace lived a comfortable life of routine with his family. 

Although fascinated by myths, legends, and the stories of traveling traders, young Pace had no desire to pursue a life outside of his village. The study of agriculture and farming, along with his natural ability, enabled Pace to gain a reputation as one of the most skilled farmers and a man whom people could depend upon. This, along with the persuasion of his parents, led to him becoming Speaker at a young age.

There are rumors that, as a child, Pace once met a dragon from the nearby Dragon Roost Mountains; a situation that other Southern Brix would rightfully avoid. However, if true, this could explain his ability to do the unexpected.

When his sister, Anya, left the village with the aim of gaining ice-free land for their family, Pace was heartbroken. It was in this emotional state that he questioned the wisdom of his elders in sending people to gain land through fair conquest rather than battling against the encroaching ice.* 

After failing to persuade his elders to fight ice, Pace’s life took a different path. Learning that Anya was stationed in Kerryan, Pace set off alone to make his way across the continent to join her. As of this recording, he has not been seen at Kerryan.

Recorded on 1142 AS by: Scholar Carmela

*Private note: When the choice is to fight the relentless, implacable will of nature or to persuade other living beings to share, the wise go with the solution that has proven to work. No matter how difficult. Pace disagreed. I wonder if time outside of the village has changed his mind.

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