D. Hale Rambo

The Planar Pages Glossary

An index of terms, words, and proper names for The Planar Pages series.

Terms in The Planar Pages

Aer: language from page of air, Mistral

the Binder: leader of the Guild

blotter: slang for idiot, one who soaks up too much ink

the Book of Larrakane (the Book): all the known pages of the universe

bookmark: token from a page, used to travel there by a page turner

the Card: a free leaflet by the Travel Guild

the Church of Larrakane: organization devoted to worship of Larrakane

Claire: a language from page of fire, Blaze

Depth’s Door: a lake in Spine

diamonnette paper (paper): universal currency

elephas: like elephants standing on their hind legs, from Kerus

faekin: fauns, fae, fairies, centaurs, nymphs all from the Court of Copper

Fallen Bubble: a cocktail

flarion(s): fire elementals who live in pools of magma from page of fire, Blaze

the Followers: a subset of the Church of Larrakane

format: slang for rumor

the Gilded: six leaders in the Travel Guild, including the Binder

the Hinge: Travel Guild headquarters

iococom: material used in apothecary

jacket(s): slang for officers of the Guild

kora: fish with an oily excretion from page of water, Depths

Larrakane (she/her): bestows the ability to turn pages and creator of the Book

La’mior: a fire forest in Blaze

pagemark(s): safe places where turners can move between pages

page turners (turners): people who can move between pages

Pestles and Mortar: smithy in the Spine

pulp: slang for creatures from various pages who are not page turners

ragnis: metallic-boned quasi-flame creatures from page of fire, Blaze

ripper(s): slang for thieves and smugglers across pages

Schiflan: a language spoken from page of humans, Restless Rise

skimmer(s): slang for tourists visiting other pages

skips: slang for criminals on the run

smilodon(s): catlike people, from Kerus

Sod: language from page of earth, Cobbles

sylph: stark white air creatures from page of air, Mistral

the Travel Guild, the Guild: organization that regulates all the comings and goings of page turners in the Book

unread turner: slang for someone new to being a page turner

ursidon: bearlike people, from Kerus