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Deities of Kairas – The Divine Consul

What makes a deity powerful? Some say it is the number of followers they have or the way in which their followers worship them. Others say the deities care not about the quantity or quality of their followers but of the approval and judgment of their creator, Kaira. From either of those sources comes a deity’s immense power. With those abilities, they can grant power unto others and do so much more. Learn about the deities of Kairas, in this age, and all others.

Deity NameDomain
Life Bringer, KairaDeities, Sea, Ocean, Water
Noble Endurance, Kerda
Partner to Ferous
NG – Procession of Time, Present, Past, Future, Land
King, CyneCN – Kingship, Nobility, Wealth, Sky
Night Bringer, Alifa
Sibling to Aeonian
CG – Night, Moon, Stars, Dreams/Nightmares
Bright Justice, Aeonian
Sibling to Alifa
LN – Sun, Law, Order, Justice
Noble Death, Ferous
Partner to Kerda
LG – Death & the Afterlife
Changebearer, Efia
Creator of Moraa and Akra
NE – Transformation, Destruction, Marriage, Motherhood, Fertility
Protector , The Twins, PerisTN – Power, Protection
Constant Preserver , The Twins, NishiTN – Maintainer, Preserver
Wild , Akra
Sibling to Moraa
CG – Rebellion, Punishment, Temptation
Curious Muse, Moraa
Sibling to Akra
CG – Enlightenment, Liberation, Magic
Deity (Ardent Court)Domain
Farmer , Bota 
Knowing Messenger , Meliori
NG – grain, wine, agriculture, fishery, coasts, harvest, growth, and nourishment LG – knowledge, mindfulness, wisdom, prophecy
Festivity , TarantiCG – parties, festivals, madness, chaos
Lawbringer , TaliyaLN – reason, wisdom, intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, and battle, and battle strategy
Lust , Deu War , HasCN – fertility, beauty, war, and sexual desire war, bloodshed, and violence
Mender , MerakiLG – morality, healing, plague,
Hunter, TrianTN – wilderness, hunt, beasts, archery, plants
see above
Trickster , RoveCG – tricks, mischief, problems, luck, alchemy, inventiveness
Loving Artist , LufiNG – compassion, tenderness, love, music, arts, poetry

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